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Capture art deco style in 4 steps

  1. Details
    The most important feature of this current is splendor. Glossy materials, most gold details are a must for this stream! If you’re afraid to use vibrant colors and glossy surfaces, you can choose to use pastel and calm tones with shiny surfaces.
  2. Animal figured patterns
    You can adapt the animal patterns to the space with a few pillows, a lampshade or wallpaper that you place on your couch. If you want to see these figures more intensely in the space, try using the patterns on the curtains or carpets. We can say that these patterns are among the trends in the decoration world.
  3. Bright surfaces
    Black glass, bright finish marble, brass, mirror surfaces are among the materials we often see in Art Deco style. With wide mirrors, it is possible to make the space look more magnificent. By placing the high mirrors slightly inclined, you can ensure that the ceilings are higher than they are. You can still get this effect with the bright, reflective paint that you apply to the ceilings. It’s definitely a good idea to use a mirror in accessories! Try placing your accessories on a large mirror tray placed on the stand.
  4. Color blocks
    Color blocks, lines and glossy materials la Even though it may seem difficult to use together, it can turn into a piece of art with the right combination. You can make the final touch with a rug, furniture or accessory with color blocks.

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