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Healthy recommendations for storing winter clothes

I would like to share with you the practical, natural and sustainable tips of writing in the wardrobe Gard
It is possible to protect from moths and insects without heavy chemicals such as naphthalene. Simply put 100% Pure Cedar Essential oil into a coton piece or wooden fragrance balls and place your items in the storage units you put them in.
Drain your closet completely before placing seasonal clothing and accessories. Gently wipe with white cleaning vinegar. Circulate sage incense in the cabinet, drawers.
Place only the pieces that will make you most happy and happy on you in your wardrobe. “Maybe I’ll wear,” he hid, the parts that are waiting for you to lose weight, or those who are now on you great, you have never put on for not wearing … Honestly decide and simplify.
Place lavender bowls on your shelves to make the clothes smell like they are when you wear them. Remember, the products prepared with lavender collected without opening the flower will keep their odors for long years.
The parts you give up wearing can be transformed into different models with a little change. One of the great ways to reduce consumption as well as use your creativity is to reevaluate things.
Follow the washing instructions to avoid immediate wear of the products. Wash your sweaters with liquid cypress soap and clean clean.

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