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How to decorate the middle table?

We want our house to reflect our personality, to accommodate parts of ourselves. When most of the guests come in the house, they get the impression that they are new to the host. Do you explain yourself to your guests for the first time? Today we will talk about an effective and fun way to create, present and give our guests the right message about ourselves. Follow the steps below to organize your coffee table together!

1 – Your favorite flowers
Choose a vase to place your favorite flowers. If the flowers do not become too high, shorten the angle of view, shorten them, place them in a vase and position them on the stand. If you have difficulty in renewing fresh flowers, you can use your favorite plant in flower pots. Flowers and plants even whispered a little information about the guests to you! In addition, the fragrance and decorative appearance that it emits in your home will increase the energy of its space.

2 – Parts with Memories
Think of your middle table as a museum prepared for you. How would she tell you, how would you like to tell us about your past? Don’t hesitate to display the objects and objects that you think reflect the past and the objects on the middle table. If you think these parts are not decorative; You can display it in a glass fan or on a mirror tray. With interest and intriguing pieces, it is possible to establish a dialogue with your guests about your past.

3 – Books describing you
Most of the time, the middle stands that we don’t use except TV control and cup mats are actually the focus pieces in the hall. Place the book about your subject or your favorite novel on the stand. It’s a good idea to have your favorite book at hand, open a few pages in your spare time. Books will help you understand your tastes and tastes.

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