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New trends in the world of decoration

Maison & Objet, organized in Paris, hosted world giant brands and designers this September. Furniture, accessories, kitchen utensils, textiles and souvenirs exhibited in the fair as in every year was very colorful again. To learn about the new trends in the world of decoration, to meet the young designers of the star shining, do not miss the insights of our interior architect Serra Özbay.

1 – Ethnic details
This year, unlike the previous years, the exhibition featured a selection of unique decorative objects and designers from all over the world who were categorized as ılar Unique & Eclectic “. The use of organic forms instead of modern lines in furniture has attracted attention. In this episode, the ethnic details were definitely ahead. The commonity of the details used by many brands in their new collections was that they carried ethnic breezes. Ethnic decoration can be summarized as reflecting the traces of life into the interior. Handcrafted accessories, contrast colored pieces, solid wood and brass can be put together in your home.

2 – Plush sake!
The AP Collection stand in Belgium was without doubt one of the most attractive stands of the fair. All of the fun and message content plush designs are handmade. The story of the brand is at least as interesting as the products they design. The creators of the brand, Alexis and Pauline, were sending plush toys to each other during their long distance relationship. When they came together, they decided to turn their stories into a brand. All these fun designs have emerged as a result of a love story.

3 – Special parts
Doing Goods was one of the most remarkable brands at the fair. They offer a collection of different, colorful and accessible products with the pieces they collect from different parts of the world and the designs they produce in small workshops. Animal figured carpets, cast handles and mesh baskets are definitely my favorites. Different materials such as wood, brass, bronze, ceramic, wicker are used in the designs. The founders of the brand’s travel passion, he says, are the product of love for treasure and enthusiasm for meeting the craftsman.

4 – Colorful lampshades
Ceramic artist Alice Gavalet lives in Paris. Designs decorative products using bulk and shiny ceramic parts. These fun designs emerge with an unregulated, intimate and energetic approach to art. Alice Gavaletilers colorful lampshades Maison & Objet are among my favorites.

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